Learn from the top leaders of the fastest-growing CPG companies

Get the tools, spreadsheets, and actionable insights you need to solve existing challenges at your CPG company.

We will be launching in Q3-2020. The majority of our content will be free and we may consider adding a premium plan later on. Sign up now to be the first to receive our content.

Our content will be sourced directly from experienced operators. Many don’t have a public persona, or the time to create content.

We interview them, ask the right questions, create in-depth content, and provide the same tools/spreadsheets that the operators use.

Here’s a preview of what you learn from us:

  • How to get into grocery stores as an emerging brand (Matt Davis & Pat Mulhern, SVP of Retail @ Kettle & Fire)

  • How to build and train your in-house creative team (Nik Sharma, Founder of Sharma Brands)

  • How to manage your DTC business with a growth model (Wilson Hung, Director of Growth @ Kettle & Fire)

  • How to find, interview, and hire executives (Justin Mares, CEO of Kettle & Fire)

  • Everything you need to know about advertising on Airline Magazines (Shane Pittson, VP of Growth @ Quip)

  • How to build and leverage a forecasting system to mitigate inventory and cash flow risk (Dan DePasquale, Director of Finance @ Kettle & Fire)

  • The levers to growing your business on Amazon (Graham Goeppert, Senior Director of E-Commerce @ OneBar)

  • Building an in-house process to scale your affiliate and partnerships team (Jack Meredith, VP of Marketing @ Kettle & Fire)

  • and much more! Content will be focused on the Marketing/Sales/Finance functions for a CPG business.